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LabAnalysis was founded in 1976, by a couple of University Professors, Luigino and Isella, joined in 1980 by Roberto, the first employee and current HSE Manager. Our foundation in Italy marked the beginning of an incredible journey in the analytical field by delivering testing for compliance for the Pharma and Environmental industries.

At the beginning of the 2000s Stefano and Lorenzo joined their parents' Management, whose values ​​and strategies have been embraced in order to ensure the company's legacy of continuity and success. Over the years, thanks to the organic growth and strategic acquisitions, we have expanded our knowledge and skills to the sectors of food analysis, studies for products registration, consultancy for health and safety on workplace and finally to testing for cosmetics and consumer goods.

Customer Care and Commitment to Quality are the driving forces for our continuous and sustainable growth with a proven track record of long last business partnerships around the world.

Today, LabAnalysis, thanks to a proven successful entrepreneurial experience, has an extensive network of accredited laboratories and highly qualified experts who can guarantee the reliability and precision of the results through rigorous application of quality standards.


To be recognized as an Innovative European niche company whose aim is to provide accountable testing for Planet and Life.

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