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Waste analysis has been one of the strengths of LabAnalysis Environmental Science since the beginning of its activity.

Our team of experts actively participates in working groups, both at the national and European levels, to stay informed about regulations, methods, and guidelines in publication. The goal is to be constantly updated on changes and regulatory integrations that govern the classification, characterization, and management of waste. The company aims to provide laboratory operators with cutting-edge tools and instrumentation to develop, validate, and use reliable methods that provide a defensible result in any context.

The Quality Management System, along with participation in numerous inter-laboratory circuits, ensures continuous data control.

One of the most important aspects always safeguarded in LabAnalysis Environmental Science is customer assistance in the field of waste. The laboratory provides customers with constant updates on industry news through regular newsletters, seminars, conferences, and webinars.

Regarding analytical activities, the laboratory offers complete support to the customer, starting from the evaluation of the production cycle that generates waste, the involved chemical process, and its nature. This includes preparing the Sampling Plan functional to the choice of the specific analytical profile to apply. After the analysis, the laboratory evaluates the hazardous nature and the possible attribution of danger characteristics based on the criteria established by current regulations.


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