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We guarantee accuracy and defendability of the data

LabAnalysis Environmental Science is accredited by ACCREDIA in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO IEC 17025 for the main analytes in soil, waste, water intended for human consumption, groundwater, wastewater and gas emissions.

The laboratory adopts officially standardized analytical methods from national and international organizations (UNI, EPA, ISO, CEN, IRSA, DIN, UNICHIM, etc.) or validated internal methods for determining analytical parameters. Data control is ensured through regular participation in inter-laboratory testing circuits for most analytes in various matrices, the use of certified reference materials, and the analysis of control samples regularly introduced into the analytical cycle.

We have equipment for constant monitoring of updates to regulations and legislation in various areas of expertise, enabling accurate assessments within legal limits.

Atmospheric emissions

Water Quality



Sound and electromagnetic emissions

Air Quality

Industrial hygiene

Biogas, Biomethane, Soil Gas, Odor