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Consumer Product Testing

REACH Regulation and RoHS Directive

The 1906/2006 REACH Regulation and the Directive are among the cornerstones of the regulatory indications on chemical product compliance.

REACH Regulation provides a list of SVHC substances defined as "substances of very high concern", indicating the limits of presence within the articles that make up the different Consumer Products, as well as substances subject to specific restrictions according to the field of application of the product .

Likewise, for Electrical and Electronic Equipment, RoHS Directive imposes limits on the concentration of certain substances considered dangerous such as lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, some categories of brominated flame retardants and phthalates.

The purpose of these regulatory frameworks is to improve the protection of human health and environment, in order to achieve immediate and long-term protection. By limiting the use of regulated substances, the aim is therefore to reduce the risk for users of the various products and, with a view to an increasingly circular economy, these restrictions facilitate the recovery and recycling of materials at the end of its life.

Our main services are:

  • Research and quantification of SVHC Candidate List and substances subject to restriction pursuant to the REACH Reg.
  • Chemical testing to check the compliance of electrical and electronic equipment
  • Verification of supplier declarations
  • Regulatory technical support
  • Custom-made training courses

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