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Industrial hygiene

LabAnalysis Environmental Science provides consulting services related to the development of monitoring plans to assess inhalation exposure to Chemical Agents in the Workplace (ACP) in accordance with the UNI EN 689:2019 standard. The laboratory has a team of qualified individuals for the development and validation of sampling and analysis methods for specific ACP for which no official methods are available in the literature.

LabAnalysis Environmental Science also offers comprehensive consulting services (sampling, analysis, and the preparation of technical report comments) covering various aspects of industrial hygiene issues, including:

  • Assessment of workers' occupational exposure to ACP according to UNI EN 482:2021 and UNI EN 689:2019 standards.
  • Monitoring of airborne ACP in reclamation sites.
  • Assessment of olfactory nuisance issues.
  • Risk assessment in the containment of active substances (including preliminary SMEPAC testing for the use of HPAPI in glove-box systems) and "cross-contamination" in the pharmaceutical field.
  • Inventory, characterization, assessment of the degradation status of Asbestos-Containing Materials (MCA) and Synthetic Vitreous Fibers (FAV), monitoring of airborne fibers (MOCF and SEM analysis).

The consulting activities are carried out throughout the national territory, with multiple locations strategically located, and are coordinated by an "Industrial Hygienist Expert Specialized in the field of chemical and biological agents" certified by ICFP according to the requirements of UNI 11711:2018.

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