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Commitment to innovation.



We have chosen  «Good for the Planet, Great for the People» as corporate mission to highlight the primary importance that environment and people hold for our Group. On one hand, for the activities we have promoted internally and on the other, for the activities related to the circular economy (Green Economy), to the safety of workers and to food products.

If customers are the reason why our company exists, employees are the source of our existence. As a family business, we transfer our way of living, believing and thinking. Therefore, we create a place that is simultaneously oriented to the dimensional growth of the company and the cultural and harmonious growth of all the people in the environment in which we live. 

We developed our integrated sustainable growth strategy along the entire value chain, sharing with all stakeholders the eight goals of the UN 2030 Agenda where we can have the most significant impact. The eight goals are: Good health and well-being; Clean water and sanitation; Climate action; Life below water; Life on land; Gender equality; Decent work and economic growth; Industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Find out more and download our Sustainability Report 2022 of LabAnalysis s.r.l. and the Supplier Code of Conduct


Corporate Welfare

We have developed a Corporate Welfare as a strategic project that starts from listening to the needs of employees. Upon achievement of the productivity, seniority, safety and presence objectives, employees can take advantage of welfare credits to access consumer goods, travel, pension and supplementary health, insurance policies, work and life balance.

New Employees Multifunctional Building

We have a multifunctional center at the Pavia headquarters designed entirely for the well-being of our collaborators with a company restaurant, gym and nursery for employees' children.

LabAnalysis Academy

We created LabAnalaysis Academy to guarantee the continuous training of our collaborators. In addition to basic training (Quality and Safety), we also organize technical refresher courses and ad hoc courses such as: People Management, IT, Project Management, English and Public Speaking. Our collaborators can report their training needs so that they can direct their choice towards the topics of greatest interest.

Gender equality

The themes of diversity, inclusion and gender equality are particularly important within the Group. We support and participate in the Libellula Foundation's training and awareness campaigns to prevent and combat gender violence and discrimination. The selection and promotion of our staff takes place on a meritocratic basis regardless of gender, ethnicity or political inclination: the result is that 48% of LabAnalysis Group staff are female and the percentage increases to over 51% if they only consider the role of Coordinator, Coordinator or superior.

Environmental sustainability

We have installed a 250 KW photovoltaic park at our headquarters in Chieti. Over 70% of LabAnalysis processes are digitalized, guaranteeing both lower paper consumption and better traceability: the goal is to reach 85% by 2027. We have equipped our offices with water dispensers and employees with water bottles so to discourage the consumption of plastic bottles.