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Food Microbiology

To verify the healthiness of food products and guarantee environmental hygiene in the production and conservation of food and raw materials, our laboratories routinely carry out all the necessary microbiological parameters with latest generation instrumentation and qualified personnel.

An integrated digital system guarantees traceability and process optimization.

Cultural, molecular biology and immunoenzymatic techniques are used in order to carry out the various research quickly, accurately and precisely.

The search is carried out for pathogenic organisms and bacteria that cause foodborne infections, such as: Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Bacillus cereus, Campylobacter, Cronobacter, E.Coli STEC, Clostridium and Staphylococcus and Vibrio spp. potentially enteropathogenic.

Furthermore, analyzes indicating poor hygienic quality and deterioration are carried out: microbial counts, E.Coli, sulphite-reducing anaerobes, yeasts and moulds, enterobacteriaceae, micrococcaceae and pseudomonadaceae.

The presence of toxins such as staphylococcal enterotoxins and Bacillus cereus toxins is also determined.

For the Arab markets, porcine species detection analyzes are carried out with a detection limit suitable for Halal certification, determination of ethyl alcohol.

For the Kosher world, the detection of other animal species in addition to the pig is carried out.

There is also a planning and logistics structure to carry out sampling for microbiological analyzes with dedicated technicians.

The spread of LabAnalysis Life Science laboratories across the national territory and the interconnection of the offices ensures the timeliness of this type of analysis which is very sensitive to time and temperature factors.

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