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Food Contact

The Food Contact Regulation control all different materials that can come into direct or indirect contact with food.

Considering packaging, household items and appliances, food equipment and machinery, HORECA equipment, the field of action is extremely disparate.

In assessment of food contact suitability, three main aspects must be taken into consideration, according to which the creation of an adequate testing plan is essential.

Type of material: different approaches depending on the composition and characteristics of the materials

How to use: the same material may have to meet different requirements depending on the use for which it is intended

Specific regulatory requirements: according to the regulatory framework of the country of marketing

Our Food Contact Division carries out various tests in order to verify the compliance according to national, European and most influential International Areas requirements, including:

  • Determination of global migrations in food simulants
  • Determination of specific migrations - metals and organic species
  • Identification of the main metal alloys
  • Compositional analysis and research of species of interest in articles and artifacts
  • Research and study of NIAS - Not Intentionally Added Substances
  • Sensory evaluations
  • Microbiological studies of health and challenge tests on equipment
  • Evaluation of technological suitability based on intended use

Furthermore, among the main services we can also offer the following:

  • Creation of tailored Risk Assessment, with the identification of the most correct testing plan
  • DoC Drafting - Declaration of Compliance
  • Support in the implementation of the GMP system
  • Regulatory update and ad hoc training courses
  • Development of testing methods in real conditions of use
  • Study of the performance of devices and equipment

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