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9 Maggio 2024

Risk analysis, supply chain, analytical plans and declaration of conformity for the MOCA sector

Supply chain management and risk analysis are some of the key aspects of ensuring the safety of food contact materials (MOCA). Risk analysis is used to identify and evaluate potential hazards associa...

9 Maggio 2024

PharmaTalks - Nitrosamines

LabAnalysis Group is proud to announce the launch of PharmaTalks, an innovative webinar series aimed at addressing the evolving challenges within the global pharmaceutical market.  Discover ...

In person
5 Maggio 2024 - 9 Maggio 2023

SETAC 2024

Come visit us at the 34th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting, in Seville at the FIBES Conference & Exhibition Centre.

In person
16 Aprile 2024 - 18 Aprile 2024

In-Cosmetics Global 2024

The world's leading event for ingredients and personal care is back. In-Cosmetics Global 2024 will be held in Paris (France) from 16th to 18th April 2024. Here, the entire cosmetics industry will ...

11 Aprile 2024

Introduction to MOCA legislation: paper, wood and biobased materials

MOCA is a constantly evolving sector, with recurring introductions of regulations and new updates.  The world of MOCA (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food) legislation is therefore a key ...

10 Aprile 2024

Introduction to legislation on MOCAs: plastics, rubber and steel

MOCAs (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food) can be composed of a wide range of materials such as plastics, paper and metals. They are used at all stages of the food chain, from production to tr...

20 Marzo 2024

Regulatory aspects of recycled plastics

Regulations on food contact recycled plastics are essential to ensure food safety and consumer health protection. Regulation 2022/1616 introduced important innovations in the area of recycled plastics...

13 Marzo 2024

Chemical risk in MOCAs and sensory aspects

The chemical risk in MOCAs (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food) is an issue of great importance to ensure food safety for consumers. Indeed, there are several regulations that set limits ...