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The laboratory currently occupies an area of 350 square metres. It is equipped for the design and development of different types of non-aerosol cosmetic products, including make-up, and for application tests of new raw materials. Pilot fillers of up to 5 kg can be manufactured.

The main equipment are the following: 5 Kilograms vacuum turbo-emulsifier, ball-mills, compressed-air compacting machine, thermostatic ovens at different temperatures, thermostatic centrifuge at 13000 rpm, spectrophotometer IR-TF, microscope, technical and analytical balances, thermostatic bath, viscometer, pH meter, Silverson turbo-emulsifier, sampling store with more than 5000 raw materials.

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We can cover all types of products: skin and body care, make-up, hair care, oral care, cleansing.

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