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New EMA guideline: environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals

On March 21, 2024, the EMA released the new guideline for the Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) of pharmaceuticals intended for human use.


Hexavalent chromium: history, implications and risk factors - Michela Gallo for AIASMAG

Read an overview on hexavalent chromium, from discovery to uses, from implications to possible risk factors.


Cosmetics in synergy: the union that covers every angle of the sector

Find out more about the new partnership between LabAnalysis and Bionos, which has opened a new chapter of innovation and synergy in the cosmetics industry.


End of PFAS in Anti-Grease Agents for Food Packaging in the US

The Food and Drug Administration has just announced a ban on the sale of anti-grease substances containing PFAS for use in food packaging in the US market.


Scale-up Considerations for Innovative Cosmetics

During the formulation process, one of the most delicate aspects is the balance between innovation and tradition. in this article, our experts will guide you through the challenges and solutions in the process of creating and launching cosmetic products.


Antimicrobial technologies in new-generation materials

In the food industry, surface contamination is a significant concern. However, new generation materials offer a promising strategy in the fight against microbial contamination.


Bionos: study on food supplements against air pollution's effects

Read the latest news on the potential protective effects of a plant-based supplement ingredient against the impact of environmental pollution.


New ECHA Guideline for the Biocides' Risk Assessment

On 14 February, the new ECHA Guideline on Bees was published to support companies and authorities in assessing the risk to bees from the use of biocides.