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Solar Products

Along with the benefits of sunlight on physical and mental health, the role of ultraviolet radiation in inducing skin, ocular and systemic damage is getting clearer. This requires a prudent and controlled liaison with sun exposure.

In the past, the attention of the dermatologist and of the formulator has been focused on protection from UVB rays responsible for erythema and biological damage. In recent years the importance of adequate protection from UVA responsible for photosensitization and phototoxicity has been understood. To meet these requirements, there is an evolution of the solar product towards formulations with higher and wider protection and towards more complete and understandable consumer information.


Labelling and consumer information

In vivo SPF evaluation methods

In-vitro SPF evaluation

Water resistance evaluation

In-Vivo UVA evaluation

In-Vitro UVA evaluation

Evaluations of harmlessness

Sensory evaluations

Other tests and evaluations

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