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Courses & Workshops

To formulate and launch a new cosmetic product, or even a new line, it is almost a rule to study market trends. Understanding trends and analyzing products technically is generally a task that involves both technical and marketing personnel.

This is why it is of great help to participate in specific courses, usually structured on request, to identify the key points of the market. Our laboratory prepares informative workshops with these aims: to provide practical tools to make choices. From the selection of ingredients to the choice of vehicles, packaging in all its features, up to the presentation to the consumer. These meetings can be very specific, focusing on a particular product category, such as sunscreens or products for children. Tailored courses and workshops for a wide range of qualifications are held regularly at our premises.


  • Basic course on formulation techniques in cosmetics
  • Advanced training on formulation strategies
  • Basic course on formulation techniques of make-up products
  • Suncare products formulation strategies
  • Course evaluator safety of cosmetic products
  • Course Sensory Evaluations techniques
  • Planet hair - new technologies in cleansing and treatment
  • Specialization course in selection, management and control of packaging material for cosmetic products

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