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Bionos: study on food supplements against air pollution's effects

Air pollution is a growing threat to human health, mainly due to its effects on respiratory, cardiovascular and skin health. According to WHO (world health organization) data, almost the entire world population breathes air that exceeds the new WHO guideline limits.

Bionos participated in the study to evaluate the function of a potential polyphenol-enriched food supplement, a mixture of plant extracts, including Lippia citriodora, Olea europaea, Rosmarinus officinalis and Sophora japonica, in mitigating the negative effects of environmental pollution on the skin and cardiopulmonary systems.

In vitro and ex vivo studies were used to evaluate the effects of the mixture against pollution-induced damage. The results showed that the botanical blend was able to reduce lipid peroxidation, inflammation and metabolic changes in human skin explants exposed to a mixture of pollutants. More interestingly, similar results were observed in keratinocytes exposed to urban dust.

These pioneering results lay the foundation for the use of this dietary supplement as a potential ally in the fight against the damaging impacts of air pollution on skin, lungs and cardiovascular tissue. 

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