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Scale-up Considerations for Innovative Cosmetics

In the ever-changing world of the cosmetics industry, behind every finely packaged product is an intricate development process that often defies expectations and resources. However, the path is not always linear: challenges can force a product launch to be postponed or even cancelled.

A crucial aspect is the delicate balance between innovation and tradition in the formulation process. With the increasing focus on trendy concepts such as ecology and sustainability, we may risk losing sight of the technical fundamentals, undermining the value and quality of the product itself.

In such a complex landscape, interdisciplinary collaboration and expert advice emerge as key elements for success. Maintaining a high-quality formula throughout the scale-up process requires not only investments of time and money, but also a strategic approach involving different professional skills.

Miriam Deola - Cosmetic R&D Specialist e Nicola Lionetti - Cosmetic R&D Manager, guide us through the challenges and solutions in the process of creating and launching cosmetic products. Their experience reveals the many variables that can influence a product's success, offering valuable advice on anticipating and solving challenges during scale-up.

Read the full article, published in Cosmetics&Toiletries, to discover the secrets and tricks to optimise the scale-up process and take your cosmetic innovation to the next level!

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