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Commitment to innovation.

GLP studies for product registration

Residue Analysis

The high number of state-of-the-art tools and the specific experience of our Study Directors are the guarantee of the reliability and quality of the studies performed in the unit.

  • determination of active substances traces and their metabolites in different plant matrices (management of the field and of the laboratory)
  • method and validation development for residues according to:
    • SANCO / 3029 analytical methods - residue determination (pre-registration)
    • SANCO / 825 analytical methods - residue determination (post-registration)
  • ILV (Independent Laboratory Validation)
  • stability studies of residues in different matrices and different crops (storage stability)
  • analysis for the determination of traces in environmental impact studies from the laboratory to the field (soil dissipation), among the analysed matrices we mention:
    • water
    • soil
    • sediments
  • bioaccumulation studies in the various environmental sectors
  • methods for the quantification of active ingredients and metabolites in the air
  • development of analytical methods for the quantification of substances traces in animal matrices (muscle, fat, liver, kidney and body fluid). We are also able to follow the pharmacokinetics of these substances through analytical determinations.

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