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Commitment to innovation.

Commitment to innovation

since 1976

LabAnalysis Group is a Group of companies providing innovative and reliable testing solutions for Planet and for Life: from Environmental monitoring to Pharma R&D and Chemicals registration Studies from Consultancy on HSE to Pharma Process Validation.



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New EMA guideline: environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals

On March 21, 2024, the EMA released the new guideline for the Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) of pharmaceuticals intended for human use.


Hexavalent chromium: history, implications and risk factors - Michela Gallo for AIASMAG

Read an overview on hexavalent chromium, from discovery to uses, from implications to possible risk factors.


Cosmetics in synergy: the union that covers every angle of the sector

Find out more about the new partnership between LabAnalysis and Bionos, which has opened a new chapter of innovation and synergy in the cosmetics industry.


End of PFAS in Anti-Grease Agents for Food Packaging in the US

The Food and Drug Administration has just announced a ban on the sale of anti-grease substances containing PFAS for use in food packaging in the US market.